A comparison between lenient parenting style and strict disciplinarian parenting style

In response to the indictment last week of NFL player Adrian Peterson for child abuseessayist Michael Eric Dyson wrote a thoughtful piece about the roots of corporal punishment within the American Black community. Among many insights is the following quote: The purpose of punishment is to coerce compliance and secure control, and failing that, to inflict pain as a form of revenge It connotes one who shares the beliefs of a master and who follows their teaching.

A comparison between lenient parenting style and strict disciplinarian parenting style

Characteristics of a Strong-Willed Child Each family has its own strategy for raising children, and these strategies fall into different categories. Two such categories, permissive and authoritative, describe polar opposite parenting techniques.

Parents employing one of these styles may be curious as to how these two styles compare to one another.

Knowing the differences between these parenting styles might influence you to make some changes in how you raise your children. Permissive Parenting Definition Permissive parenting stems from the natural desire to show your love for your children.

Moms and dads employing this form of parenting find it hard to say no to their children, which results in a rather lax style of parenting. Children of parents who are permissive must set their own boundaries.

Because they are accustomed to getting most of what they want from their parents, they tend to be the main decision makers in terms how they are raised. Authoritative Parenting Definition Parents using the authoritative style set firm limits for their children.

However, they tend to incorporate their children in designing these limits, encouraging them to discuss how they feel and explaining why these rules or limits are beneficial.

A comparison between lenient parenting style and strict disciplinarian parenting style

The authoritative parent, while firm with her children, allows herself to be open to discussion, encouraging her children to be active in expressing their needs. Pros and Cons Compared to authoritative parents, permissive parents may seem warm and fuzzy.

However, this surface-level charm comes at a price. Parents using the permissive style tend to raise demanding children who have little respect for adult authority. While permissive parenting does stem from love, overly permissive parents would be well-advised to be firmer with their children so as not to raise overly impulsive and immature kids.

Pros and Cons Unlike permissive parenting, which is undemanding and unresponsive, authoritative parenting is both demanding and responsive. Authoritative parenting does have one aspect in common with permissive parenting, though: However, unlike permissive parenting, authoritative parenting gives parents the final call, which can protect children from making poor or dangerous choices.

Children raised under the authoritative style tend to be autonomous and respectful of authority.

Permissive Parenting Definition

Parents not currently using the authoritative parenting style may want to consider adopting some of its strategies. Having written professionally sincehe has been featured in financial publications such as SafeHaven and the McMillian Portfolio.

He also runs a financial newsletter at Stock Barometer. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.Parents have different parenting styles.

Kids don't come with a handbook, unfortunately, and there's no perfect parenting style.

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However, some methods do work better than others. Parenting styles usually end up being a blend of mom's style and dad's style. Authoritative Versus Authoritarian Parenting Style There's a big difference between discipline and punishment. Posted Sep 18, Help for parents to find the best parenting style.

A parent writes, "One of our family's big challenges is the ongoing debate between my husband and I over how strict vs.

how lenient we should be. Our kids complain that we are too strict, my husband complains that I . When Amy Chua published a book that describes her parenting style that seems inhumane to many people, but gets her the good results she wants from her children, it reopened a debate on which type of parenting type is best.

There are two extreme parenting styles. On the one hand, there is the authoritarian parenting which is stereotypically practiced in China and the East. Child-rearing depends on the type of parenting styles that adults use with their children.

There are two extremes: the lenient parent and the strict disciplinarian parent. Lenient parents want their child to have fun and enjoy “being a kid”. May 25,  · Parenting Styles describe the way parents react and respond to their children.

Generally, there are four different types of parenting styles. These are Authoritarian, permissive, authoritative, and uninvolved. A person’s style of parenting, in no way speaks about the level of love they have for their leslutinsduphoenix.coms:

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