A little incident

SCP proceeded to kill all personnel in the area and began to use communication gear to send messages in Morse code to SCP So, you're that I've been hearing about? Thought you'd be more than a big toothy snout. Oh, think you're better?

A little incident

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During that time I have seen and heard quite enough of so-called affairs of state; but none of them made much impression on me. If asked to define their influence, I can only say they aggravated my ill temper and made me, frankly speaking, more and more cynical.

One incident, however, struck me as significant, and aroused me from my ill temper, so that even now I cannot forget it. It happened during the winter of A bitter north wind was blowing, but, to make a living, I had to be up and out early.

I met scarcely a soul on the road, and had great difficulty in hiring a ricksaw A little incident take me to the South Gate. Presently the wind dropped a little. By now the loose dust had all been blown away, leaving the roadway clean, and the rickshaw man quickened his pace.

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We were just approaching the South Gate when someone crossing the road was entangled in our rickshaw and fell slowly to the ground. It was a woman, with streaks of white in her hair, wearing ragged clothes.

She had left the pavement without warning to cut across in front of us, and although the rickshaw man had made way, her tattered jacket, unbuttoned and fluttering in the wind, had caught on the shaft. Luckily the rickshaw man pulled up quickly, otherwise she would certainly have had a bad fall and been seriously injured.

She lay there on the ground, and the rickshaw man immediately went to her aid. I did not think the old woman was hurt, and there had been no witnesses to what had happened, so I resented this over-eagerness of the rickshaw man which might land him in trouble and hold me up.

Supporting her by one arm, he asked: I thought she must be pretending, which was disgusting. The rickshaw man had asked for trouble, and now he had it.

He would have to find his own way out.


But the rickshaw man did not hesitate for a minute after the old woman said she was injured. Still holding her arm, he helped her slowly forward. When I looked ahead, I saw a police station. Because of the high wind, there was no one outside, so the rickshaw man helped the old woman towards the gate.Get the String Cheese Incident Newsletter ×.

But one little incident alone is deep with meaning to me, and I am unable to forget it even now.

A little incident

It was a winter day in the sixth year of the Republic, and a strong northernly wind blew furiously. To make a living, I had to be up early, and on the way to my duties I encountered scarcely anyone.

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