Always wondering what might have been

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Always wondering what might have been

In the Luzhniki Stadium press room, Fernando Hierro balefully spoke for a while about what went wrong for Spain on this glorious day for the hosts, but it could have been summed up much more easily.

It really comes down to the decision of the man that should have been in his place: It really is impossible to get away from that.

Whatever the debate about whether top sides can self-manage, or how good a manager Lopetegui actually is, this just proved too profoundly huge a disruption too close to the World Cup. Everything stemmed from that, so many mistakes gradually building to this one massive mishap.

How else could you describe elimination to a side as blatantly limited as this Russia?

Always wondering what might have been

To go out to them is bad enough. To go out in the manner Spain did is what makes it so much worse. They were up and in complete control… and then just stopped playing, apparently so sure of victory. That the end of their World Cup came as a consequence of a complacency that itself came from arrogance is so fitting, because it started with that battle to save face, and was really conditioned by it.

They both were put into impossible positions, so the blame therefore primarily lies with Lopetegui, and with Real Madrid — an institution that see themselves as the club most closely aligned to the national side. It just set the tone, in so many ways, since the atmosphere around the side was never again right.

Both Sergio Ramos and Pique committed howlers that should have cost them more against Iran and Morocco, and it was blind luck that kept them top of the group — for the supposedly easier match against Russia. Hierro was involved in so many such games, and has now presided over more.

He never asked for this job but, once there, never really adjusted it. The De Gea situation only reflected a wider sense that Spain never found a team that fit, and he never seemed to strike the right balance for any of the games.

View photos Fernando Hierro struggled to get the best out of Spain Reuters More That was never more shown up than in the mind-numbing last hour of the defeat to Russia, when they kept pointlessly passing and passing and passing, only for Rodrigo and Iago Aspas to immediately prove they were brought on far too late.

They had an impact, but something had already changed in the game. There was again no need for it. There then came one of the moments that summed up the game, long, long before it was decided. Again, it was all so needless.

It also needed to be stamped out. That was precisely what happened. The main one, in Lopetegui, had gone. It now instead feels like this was the inevitable conclusion of everything, the only possible solution to a situation where everything went wrong. It also feels like such a needless waste.

It is all the more of a waste because, despite all of that, they were still on the easiest side of the draw. They were by far the biggest name in that bracket, and still the best squad, with the forgiving nature of the path thereby having the potential to forgive any of these mistakes.

Spain will not get that chance.

Always wondering what might have been

Lopetegui will never get to know what it would have been like to manage in a World Cup.Feb 15,  · “You always wonder what he would have been doing,” Nancy said through tears. “His friends at Hopkins are interviewing for jobs and looking at grad schools, and we wish that was us.”.

Because if you were wrong, you could go forward in your life without ever looking back over your shoulder and wondering what might have been.” ― Nicholas Sparks, Message in a Bottle tags: bhie, feeling, love, message-in-a-bottle, nicholas-sparks, regret, wondering.

Like the majority of people have either achieved their dreams or are working towards them, while I’m always the puzzle with a missing piece. But maybe the truth is that despite outward appearances nobody ever feels like they have it all. Maybe no matter how great our lives are, we all can’t help but wonder what might have been.

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With every player Southampton sold to Liverpool, the jokes grew increasingly tired. The harsh reality is that what might have been could very well be much less than what you have in your life right now. Perhaps the best way to deal with what might have been, is to instead think of what was as building blocks to the where you are right now.

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