An analysis of disneys animated musical pocahontas

A thin outline of facts may be claimed to contain any number of stories. The past exists only as a story.

An analysis of disneys animated musical pocahontas

Page history last edited by Veronica Nunez 9 years, 4 months ago Walt Disney Corporation is one of the most influential media production companies in North America. Its media productions range from TV and radio programs, cartoons, and animated movies.

All of these media inventions are targeted to the American population but especially to children. Their animated movies among their other media creations have transformed Walt Disney in a multibillion profit company since its foundations in the s.

Moreover, it is well known that Disney fairytales movies usually depict gender stereotypes concerning males and females roles.

Gender stereotypes are pervasive and commonly portrayed through media in American society and large parts of the world, if not worldwide. It is important to note that the term gender is a socially assigned status or label whereas sex pertains to individual biological and physiological traits.

An analysis of disneys animated musical pocahontas

Disney movies strongly influence children to conform to stereotypical images of women and men. For example, a woman ought to be a mother and homemaker whereas a man role is to work out of the house.

An analysis of disneys animated musical pocahontas

Through Disney animated movies, little girls seem to learn what womanhood is like. Women are commonly portrayed as sensible, emotional and weak. In contrast, men are depicted as strong, courageous and powerful. However, Disney movies are not the only avenue through which children are influenced regarding gender role and stereotypes.

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It is my purpose on this project, to outline the subtle ways in which Disney animated movies, specifically Pocahontas, depicts gender role stereotypes of women and men. I will also underscore the erroneous portrayal of Native Americans in this film by analyzing racist remarks mentioned against such group; the analysis also includes the movie plot and music lyrics like Savages, for example.

Brief Summary of the Real Story about Pocahontas The story of Pocahontas is controversial because its total accuracy is unclear to historians. However, it is known that Pocahontas was around ten or eleven years of age when English settlers arrived in to Jamestown. This very fact contradicts Disney depiction of Pocahontas as an adult woman who falls in love with Captain Smith.

In other words, Disney distorted the image of a human being to fits its own notion or to make good entertainment. The English settlers gave the land the name of Jamestown in recognition to King James I of England, whom ruled at that time and ordered the voyage to the new world.

Matoaka was the real name of Pocahontas and she was one out of the 20 children of chief Powhatan of the Algonquian Indians. The movie also depicts American Indians as aggressive while ameliorating the image of the English settlers whom ultimately killed many Native Americans and deposed them of their land.

Furthermore, Captain John Smith and documents accounts concur on that he and some of his co-workers were captured by Native Americans while carrying out their expedition in the new world.

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Later, they were brought into Chief Powhatan residence. In the movie, only Captain Smith is captured. It is very likely that Matoaka and John Smith were never involved in a romantic relationship as the animated film of Disney portrays. Smith as loving, peacemaker, but also selfish until he meet Pocahontas.

In reality, Captain Smith was known for being ambitious and treacherous.

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Moreover, it appears that Pocahontas became an avenue between her people and the English settlers for negotiating goods and maintaining peace.In Pocahontas, Disney portrays stereotypes on women’s role in society and also gives an inaccurate account of real life events, in which the animated film is based.

It is my purpose on this project, to outline the subtle ways in which Disney animated movies, specifically Pocahontas, depicts gender role stereotypes of women and men.

Racism and stereo types in Walt Disney movies. An analysis of "Pocahontas" () - - Term Paper (Advanced seminar) - Film Science - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term . As Pocahontas was a reinterpretation of the Romeo & Juliet story, and the first song sung by Tony in the Romeo-and-Juliet-based musical West Side Story is "Something's Coming", Schwartz explains that "Just Around the Riverbend" is essentially "the Native American version of Something's Coming".

Nov 25,  · And like a badass, Pocahontas does, to the tune of one of the best musical montages of the entire movie. When she needs them, the spirits come through for her and get her to John Smith in time, so that she can stop the conflict.

On June 16, Walt Disney Pictures created their thirty-third animated feature film, named leslutinsduphoenix.comntas is the epic tale of a Native American princess named Pocahontas who just wants to find her own path.

She eventually meets an English explorer—John Smith—who goes out to explore the surrounding areas. The “Unhappy Marriage” shows Princess in a decent middle class home with four children with a decent looking, fit husband.

A healthy, pretty woman standing in a modest home with four children depicts the “tragic fate” of a “fallen princess”?

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