Being awesome

Giggles — Perfect for a girl who loves to giggle. Gummie Bear — Because she is sweet, soft, and you simply can not stop hugging her. Peaches — Perfect pet name if you consider her cute and delightful.

Being awesome

Contact Author In order to get the full effect of this article, I must request that as you read it, you imagine that Jack Black is actually saying the words. This article is written simply to tell you how freakin awesome you are! Stop looking behind you. You are more awesome than you like to believe, and I want to tell you why, so listen up.

No seriously though, if looking good was a sport, you'd be MJ, hands down. If you don't agree, then it's cause you just don't see it. Don't believe anyone who tells you different. Those haters have a chip on their shoulders and they're just Being awesome to bring you down.

I guarantee someone out there finds you attractive, and not just in a sleazy way either. That big grin could light up anyone's day, and it probably has.

When you genuinely smile, it's contagious, man. It's like a shining beacon of hope that says "Hey, I'm doin fine, and you can be too! To make a deposit.

I Love Your Laugh I heard you bustin a gut at number 2 just now. At my expense, but that's okay. Cause that laugh was like angels singing!

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It was like rays of sunshine, little sun fuzzies, makin' you feel all warm. And fuzzy is always a good thing, cause it's such a cool word to say. You get my point. Your laugh makes other people feel good.

Being awesome

It's like verbal massage therapy. All those weird little things you do without even thinking about it, but that make you, well, you. Like the thing you do when you're nervous. Or when you're really, really hungry. Or even when you're mad.

And what about when you really have to pee? And then there's that thing you do - when you're alone in the car, and you think noone's looking You see how awesome you are?

And we're only on number 4! The Way You Dress You have a style all your own. People might try to do your look, but you always have that one thing that screams "I'm the only me, baby!

You wear it well, and you never wear it out. Rock on with your bad self. Your Positivity You're a "cup is half full" kinda person, and I like that! You always look for and find the upside of every down situation. That's a rare quality, but you have it. You're the kind of person, if someone crashed into your car, you'd be like, "Don't apologize dude.

Now I can get a new paint job! You're a "Good Finder" Not only are you a positive person, but you also look for the good in others and their situations as well.Being Awesome. 10K likes. My orginal Being Awesome page was hacked and stolen from me. It is now run by douchebag spammers.

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Awesome lives HERE now. Nov 11,  · Edit Article How to Be Awesome. In this Article: Article Summary Using a Talent To Inspire Awe Using Your Personality To Inspire Awe Inspiring Awe Through Giving Community Q&A Being awesome, quite literally, means to elicit awe.

Awe is not something people express much these days%(11). Jan 26,  · I am congratulated for being awesome, I am loved for being me and facing the challenges, I am encouraged to keep going through the hard times, to not give up and openly express myself and I am held in respect and camaraderie for being willing to learn and grow.

Mar 24,  · My husband and I recently went to see Brian Regan perform live. If you don't know who Brian Regan is, then I suggest you look into him. (Those words are blue because they are links.

We don't know much about computer hacking here at Cracked, because that stuff involves numbers, but we've come across a whole bunch of different crazy brain and body hacks over the years.

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