Carl sagan essay on abortion

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Carl sagan essay on abortion

Chapter 15 to be precise.

Carl sagan essay on abortion

Carl rather sadly passed away inand so this book, published inwas the last he ever wrote. The topic of abortion is obviously one that is highly contentious and also highly charged due to the strands of religious thinking that comes into play, and so it is perhaps interesting to see Carl sagan essay on abortion a deeply profound intellectual such as Sagan concluded after pondering over it all.

One other thought to also perhaps consider here is that this was written almost twenty years ago in Why return to this yet again, is it not a done deal? The religious right are in office by proxy and so the debate will once again inevitably bubble to the surface in due course as attempts are made to row back the current position.

It is worth thinking through the topic and arming ourselves with robust arguments for the inevitable debate replays that will come. It not only asks all the hard questions in one place and tests to destruction the arguments presented by both sides, but also reveals quite a few things that many are simply not aware of.

Read this and you will learn a great deal. So without any further introduction, here it is. The Question of Abortion: The court had chosen the middle ground. Instead, there are mass rallies, bombings and intimidation, murders of workers at abortion clinics, arrests, intense lobbying, legislative drama, Congressional hearings, Supreme Court decisions, major political parties almost defining themselves on the issue, and clerics threatening politicians with perdition.

Partisans fling accusations of hypocrisy and murder. The intent of the Constitution and the will of God are equally invoked. Doubtful arguments are trotted out as certitudes. The contending factions call on science to bolster their positions. Families are divided, husbands and wives agree not to discuss it, old friends are no longer speaking.

Politicians check the latest polls to discover the dictates of their consciences.

Carl sagan essay on abortion

Amid all the shouting, it is hard for the adversaries to hear one another. Is it wrong to abort a pregnancy? How do we decide? We wrote this article to understand better what the contending views are and to see if we ourselves could find a position that would satisfy us both.

Is there no middle ground? We had to weigh the arguments of both sides for consistency and to pose test cases, some of which are purely hypothetical. In contemplative moments, nearly everyone recognizes that the issue is not wholly one-sided. This is partly why such confrontations are avoided.

And the issue surely touches on deep questions: What are our responses to one another? Should we permit the state to intrude into the most intimate and personal aspects of our lives?

Where are the boundaries of freedom? What does it mean to be human? Of the many actual points of view, it is widely held—especially in the media, which rarely have the time or the inclination to make fine distinctions—that there are only two: In the simplest characterization, a pro-choicer would hold that the decision to abort a pregnancy is to be made only by the woman; the state has no right to interfere.

And a pro-lifer would hold that, from the moment of conception, the embryo or fetus is alive; that this life imposes on us a moral obligation to preserve it; and that abortion is tantamount to murder. Both names—pro-choice and pro-life—were picked with an eye toward influencing those whose minds are not yet made up: Few people wish to be counted either as being against freedom of choice or as opposed to life.

Indeed, freedom and life are two of our most cherished values, and here they seem to be in fundamental conflict. A newborn baby is surely the same being it was just before birth. It can suck its thumb or do a somersault.Essay about carl sagan.

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“Why isn’t it murder to destroy a sperm or egg?” Carl Sagan Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan, “Is It Possible to Be Pro-Life and Pro-Choice?” Parade, April 22, , 4 Carl Sagan may be a. In this paper, I will investigate the right to life for embryo based on Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan’s article “Abortion: Is it Possible to be both “Pro-life” and “Pro-Choice”?” My conclusion is an embryo is a potential person thus it has the right to life.

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Free Essay: In this paper, I will investigate the right to life for embryo based on Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan’s article “Abortion: Is it Possible to be both.

Abortion and Evolution. by: Therein the authors contended for the ethical permissibility of human abortion on the ground that the fetus, Sagan, Carl and Ann.

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