Ethnic conflict in africa essays for scholarships

Peace and Conflict Studies Scholarships Get Your Piece of the Pie The dichotomy of peace and conflict is the cake and ice cream of higher education — they are mutually exclusive and yet go so very well together.

Ethnic conflict in africa essays for scholarships

Mali, Sudan, and Ethnic Conflict in Northern Africa also available in French here Africa, for all its beauty and rich history, has always been a complex and often harsh continent. Hundreds of ethnic groups, some of which have hostilities that date back millennia, live in largely impoverished conditions in a forced co-existence dictated by colonial-era national borders.

Ethnic groups in Africa One of the clearest examples of ethnic and racial tension in Africa is the conflict between Arabs and the Tuareg, who are Berbers and sub-Saharan black Africans. For over 1, years Arabs enslaved black Africans; estimates of the victims of the Arab slave trade range up to 18 million.

This is not to suggest that ethnicity and race are necessarily the root cause of these conflicts and that the racial conflict was inevitable, but the role of ethnicity and race cannot be dismissed either. The ethnic and racial animosity that exists is very real and apparent to anyone who has spent time in the region.

The previous Tuareg rebellion occurred in both Mali and Niger with the Nigerien Tuaregs demanding decentralization and that the Nigerien military in their territory be dominated by Tuaregs instead of black Africans.

Sudan fought two civil wars between the Arab-dominated north and the black African south, the most recent from which resulted in autonomy and later the independence of South Sudan in Religious generally Muslim vs Christian and animist and cultural differences further exacerbate the situation.

Sudan and South Sudan are now on the brink of war after less than a year of separation, feuding over border demarcation and oil revenues. Both sides are using proxy rebel forces and Sudan has conducted air strikes against targets in South Sudan.

If history is any indication, the violence will slowly but surely spill over into Chad as rebel groups conduct cross-border raids.

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It is also likely that Uganda will intervene militarily and fight alongside South Sudan if necessary. In Mali the Tuareg rebellion is far from over. One of my sources has told me on good authority that at least some of the militias are debating whether killing off the Tuareg fighters will be enough or if they should also execute the Tuareg women and children to prevent yet another Tuareg rebellion in the future.

What is coming will shock the world. The only way to prevent these horrific outcomes in Mali and South Sudan is aggressive diplomatic intervention by the international community to force a settlement of hostilities.

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Such negotiations must result in a legitimate separation that allows for self-determination by both sides. The mutual reliance designed to prevent conflict — South Sudan has the oil but Sudan has the pipeline to transport it — will only cause future conflict.

When China finally chooses a side it supplies Sudan with weapons yet imports oil from South Sudan and agrees to construct a pipeline in South Sudan that allows for the export of oil through Kenya, a permanent peace will become possible.

Reconciliation between the Arab north and the black African south is not possible after two civil wars that left over 2 million dead. This is the only solution that will fully respect the principle of self-determination and the only permanent one given the amount of bloodshed over the years.

The question is whether Niger and Chad, trapped in the middle of these two wars and having their own history of ethnic and racial conflict, will escape the turmoil unscathed.Ethnic conflict in some cases has been generated as a result of this singular factor but Among African nation-states the degree, intensity and frequency of occurrence of ethnic conflict varies.

For instance, the problem of ethnicity and the antecedent problems are more evident in Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda and Sudan than it is in Benin, Zimbabwe.

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Peace and Conflict Studies Scholarships Get Your Piece of the Pie The dichotomy of peace and conflict is the cake and ice cream of higher education – they are mutually exclusive and yet go so very well together.

Even if you do not have a college-aged child at home, please share this with someone who does, and to anyone and everyone that comes to mind. Though there are a number of companies and organizations that have donated money for scholarships to African Americans, a great deal of the money is being returned because of a lack of interest or .

of conflict on the African continent have seriously undermined Africa's efforts to prosper. Importantly, the issue today is not about just protecting states and allies as in the past, it is now an issue of defending humanity. 4 Even for those countries believed to be at peace.

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ethnic conflict in africa essays for scholarships

Essay for remembrance day images allama iqbal biography in sindhi language essay importance of vocational education essays rocky horror academic essay. There has been a popular misconception that Africa’s numerous wars and conflicts are caused by ethnicity.

Ethnic Conflict Management In Africa A Comparative Case | A Comparative Case Study Of

This paper attempts to demonstrate that this idea is mistaken. Ethnic characteristics are a universal and ubiquitous feature of humanity. It is how they are accommodated in the state and the.

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