Fiddle or not to fiddle

I have seen them lower, particularly on the kvint side. The action is measured form the fingerboard to the under side of the string. I use an automobile feeler gauge at the nut end.

Fiddle or not to fiddle

History[ edit ] The medieval fiddle emerged in 10th-century Europe, deriving from the Byzantine lira Greek: During the Renaissance the gambas were important and elegant instruments; they eventually lost ground to the louder and originally less aristocratic viola da braccio family.

Like the violin, it tended to have four strings, but came in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Another family of instruments that contributed to the development of the modern fiddle are the violswhich are held between the legs and played vertically, and have fretted fingerboards. Following the folk revivals of the second half of the 20th century, however, it has become common for less formal situations to find large groups of fiddlers playing together—see for example the Calgary Fiddlers, Swedish Spelmanslag folk-musician clubs, and the worldwide phenomenon of Irish sessions.

Fiddle or not to fiddle

These contrasting traditions may be vestiges of historical performance settings: The difference was likely compounded by the different sounds expected of violin music and fiddle music. Historically, the majority of fiddle music was dance music, [14] while violin music had either grown out of dance music or was something else entirely.

Violin music came to value a smoothness that fiddling, with its dance-driven clear beat, did not always follow. In situations that required greater volume, a fiddler as long as they kept the beat could push their instrument harder than could a violinist.

Scottish fiddle with cello[ edit ] In the very late 20th century, a few artists have successfully attempted a reconstruction of the Scottish tradition of violin and "big fiddle," or cello.

Balkan fiddle with kontra[ edit ] Hungarian, Slovenian, and Romanian fiddle players are often accompanied by a three-stringed variant of the viola —known as the kontra —and by double basswith cimbalom and clarinet being less standard yet still common additions to a band.


The flat bridge allows for three string chords to be played. A three stringed double bass variant is also used. Styles[ edit ] To a greater extent than classical violin playing, fiddle playing is characterized by a huge variety of ethnic or folk music traditions, each of which has its own distinctive sound.Read Articles!

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A non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, strengthening and energizing the Hardanger fiddle music and dance community in North America.

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Mayuri Fiddle Originating from northern India, the Mayuri fiddle is a stringed instrument in the form of a peacock. The instrument is considered either a vina or a sitar, since . In Shamengwa’s eyes, his valued possession was his fiddle that appeared to him in such a way that made it even more valuable.

One day he had come across a fiddle that was his father’s. His father was not allowed to play the fiddle anymore because of . Website and magazine for the National Association of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs.

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