Fire marshal inspection checklist business plan

Basic Preparations Create a hard-copy file for storing documentation the fire marshal may need or want to check before and during the inspection. Make sure exits and fire extinguisher locations are clearly marked on the building layout. And make sure each employee is able to answer any questions the fire marshal may ask. Sprinklers and Smoke Detectors Although every item the fire marshal inspects is significant, your sprinkler system and smoke detectors are among the most important of these and are mandated by the Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act of

Fire marshal inspection checklist business plan

Questions may be addressed to the Advisor by contacting the Community Risk Reduction Division at A request for an inspection is routed to the Fire Prevention Bureau from various agencies.

Pre-Inspection It is recommended that facilities licensed by Community Care Licensing request a pre-inspection prior to requesting a fire clearance. The pre-inspection will provide information about building and fire code requirements which must be met to become a licensed facility.

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Privately owned, single family residences are eligible for this service. Commercial properties, clinics, drug treatment facilities, etc.

To request a pre-inspection, a Special Survey form must be completed. The completed form can be printed and mailed to: See a checklist for Large Family Day-Care fire safety requirements.

Basic Preparations

Other Licensed Facilities Other facilities may require a fire inspection as well in order to obtain a license, but the request will be made directly by the facility to the Community Risk Reduction Division.

These may include residential group care facilities licensed by the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs as well as non-public schools and agencies licensed by the Department of Education.

Follow the same procedure described under Pre-Inspection to request a Special Survey inspection.Along with Plan Review, construction inspection services ensure buildings under construction and those being remodeled are in accordance with the Seattle Fire Code and that key safety systems such as fire alarms and fire sprinklers are designed correctly and work properly at the time the building is occupied.

Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal Form BCA -Application for Authority to Transact Business in Illinois: Notification Form for Underground Storage Tanks: Petroleum & Chemical Safety: Day Walkthrough Inspection Report: Petroleum & Chemical Safety: Rope Operations Tally Sheet: Personnel Standards & Education.

The Prosper Fire Department and Fire Marshal’s Office created this library for the sole purpose of providing information to our citizens, business owners, contractors & . Fire Maintenance Inspection The Gwinnett County Office of Community Risk Reduction (a.k.a. Fire Marshal’s Office) Article II Fire Code section requires all tenants to obtain a fire certificate of occupancy permit prior to conducting business.

The responsibilities of the Fire Marshal’s Office fall into five main categories: building inspection, manufactured housing inspection, engineering, hazardous materials inspections, and licensing. Building Plan Review Information To All Architects, Engineers.

the entire business emergency / contingency plan, including all three submittal elements (facility, inventory, and emergency/training plans) must be submitted annually.

fire marshal inspection checklist business plan


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