Loyalty program business plan template

Restaurants, retailers, grocery stores, salons, fitness centers and more depend on loyal customers and repeat visits. In addition, regular customers often spend more per visit and are more inclined to sign up for upgraded services. Businesses can increase their customer retention in several ways as shown in the infographic below. Provide a high-value product or service Excel at customer service.

Loyalty program business plan template

This completely customizable marketing solution offers consumers points that are redeemed online for a variety of music products. Companies are able to customize their point offers completely. They choose how many points are awarded to each consumer, how many of their products will contain redeemable points and whether they desire to offer a completely free product or service.

This choice allows companies to maximize exposure while maintaining their budget. Companies are billed on the number of points redeemed by the end user. Billing companies on the total number of points redeemed allows for measurable tracking of actual participation in each program.

Consumers collect the points and redeem them at the Tunes4You. They will have a variety of music related products to choose from, such as ringtones, downloads, compact discs, concert tickets, and posters. Consumers can choose to redeem their points immediately or save points for larger prizes.

The point cards for Tunes4You. This software enables clients to customize the number of winners in each program, how many redeemable points each customer receives and how many winning tickets are included in each lot.

A variety of music—related products, services and companies are utilized to form a comprehensive Web site for the redemption of customer loyalty points. Literature that fully explains the program will be provided at P. These relationships will provide a large selection of music related merchandise for consumers to choose from.

Additional products such as concert tickets, music hardware and back—stage passes are all future products of Tunes4You. The difference between the reward programs is that both Mypoints. Visa, eBay, Double-day book clubs.

Once consumers complete the requirements for the particular company, they are rewarded with points that may be redeemed for gift cards.

loyalty program business plan template

Consumers collect their loyalty point codes and can redeem them at the Tunes4You. The loyalty points are tied simply to the purchase of the participating product and not to credit offers or membership gimmicks.

Consumers may redeem their points immediately for music downloads or save points to receive larger rewards. But that may be changing. The most compelling incentive reward of late allows consumers or employees the chance to choose their own songs, via digital music downloads.

Musical taste is like a fingerprint. The fact that downloads have gained traction so quickly is an asset to marketers and planners, adds Toby Simpkins, director of promotions for Cramer—Krasselt, an integrated marketing communications company in Chicago.

Two years ago using music downloads [as an incentive] would have been way too forward thinking. It gives participants a lot of flexibility and choice, and puts them in control of their own reward.

It makes the reward personally relevant and helps companies build better relationships. Besides the desirability of music as a reward, music downloads offer all of the benefits of being digital. Online rewards have become increasingly popular with marketers and corporations because they significantly reduce—and in some cases completely eliminate—fulfillment costs.

And tracking the success of an incentive program conducted with online rewards is significantly easier. The effort, which dangled a free Sony Connect download with the purchase of a Big Mac meal, helped stimulate same—store sales to the tune of 9. Market Segmentation The Tunes4You. While incentive programs come in a variety of types, using digital music is a natural for companies with a youth market.

Growing up at a period that is more ethnically and culturally diverse than any previous American generation, the youth market represents an enormous culture market and stands at the cusp of new trends, attitudes, and consumer behaviors.Designing Your Loyalty Program • Define the primary objectives, in order of importance Planning Your Shopper Loyalty Rewards Program.

Planning Your Shopper Loyalty Rewards Program Implementation Plan Target Dates: IIN assigned to their business.). This business plan was created for a customer loyalty program which capitalizes on the Internet surge in digital music. It was directly responsible for the owner receiving $3 million in capital to begin his company.

How to Plan Your Customer Loyalty Program If you’re planning to start your own loyalty program for your business, it would be wise to follow some steps in planning and executing it. Read on to learn how to effectively plan and carry out your loyalty plan. Service is the part of the loyalty program.

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Embassy PowerPoint Template is unique Business Plan PowerPoint template.

loyalty program business plan template

It's Ideal for a business, corporate, personal and professional use. Best Examples of Customer Loyalty and Retention Marketing in Marketing, Customer Have we left any loyalty program types out or have a favorite loyalty program to share?

Let us know in the comments who you think is doing loyalty well! University of Indiana Kelley School of Business, and DePaul University.

A Unique, Simple-to-Implement Customer Loyalty Program by David Frey Last Updated: Aug 27, If you're interested in doubling your average customer purchase frequency you'll want to read this article. It reveals a simple customer loyalty technique that any business can employ.

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