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Westervelt opined that the actual objective of this "green campaign" on the part of many hoteliers was, in fact, increased profit. Westervelt thus labeled this and other outwardly environmentally conscientious acts with a greater, underlying purpose of profit increase as greenwashing.

Marketing bla bla

Writing A Book Part 1: The long process appeared to be common with certain kinds of non-fiction publications. Things started last January when an editor for a new series of books on sports idols who became popular culture icons asked me if I wanted to submit a book proposal.

Basketball published with Rowman and Littlefield, I knew something about the steps they sought in their book proposals. The difficult part was figuring out whom I would write about. At first, the names that popped into my head were female tennis stars, specifically Billie Marketing bla bla King and Martina Navratilova.

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After thinking twice about them, I focused on Jim Brown. The former NFL star running back had a long career as a movie actor in Hollywood. He stood as a player in the Civil Rights Movement and had also voiced his opinion on matters in politics and culture over the years.

I read a wide-range of articles and felt there was a lot about the American South that I did not know. I realized that Terry Bradshaw had as rich a career in popular culture as Marketing bla bla sports so I looked into him as a possibility for a book.

I wrote a chapter on Bradshaw acting in s Burt Reynolds movies, polished it up after my friend Brian gave it a great read, and shipped it off to the publisher along with the book proposal. The group gave the possible Bradshaw book the nod in January I received a contract giving me an October completion date.

I doubted that I could complete the ten chapters in this time frame and sought a co-writer. This time I could not find one. Fortunately, Brian volunteered to read chapters, then raise questions and identify gaps.

As always I started with researching the subject.

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Bradshaw has written four books about his life and they proved very helpful. These books featured stories that I could use later and people and places that I knew had to be corroborated in other books, magazines and newspapers.

His football career covered the s and 80s. He served as a color commentator for games during the s, and has been a studio analyst for professional football on two networks for 27 years. He has sang country western and gospel music, made movies and appeared on television shows in the s and the s and s.

Has has made commercials for nearly every type of product. The Brotherhood of the s Pittsburgh Steelers, Then and Now provided details about the team and the individual men.

A few scholars wrote about on road movies and Southern movies during the s as well the depictions of Southerners in popular literature and television which offered perspectives on imagery of Southern white males, specifically the Good Old Boy.


This information got me off to a great start but I noticed great gaps about his childhood and days working in television. I used resources like the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame to identify people who wrote about or played with Bradshaw while he played high school and college football.

Thankfully I discovered that people from the area proved very nice and willing to help. I also spoke with the journalists they had told me about and they had grown up with Terry so they could provide some childhood insight as well as high school and college football stories.

Again, my great fortune to meet open and straight-shooting people. I figured finding out about television broadcasting would be more difficult. There are small cadres of people working in the field and reputations are guarded closely. I tried to reach out to a few groups including the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

I left messages and heard nothing back. Some articles in sports weeklies such as Sports Illustrated, featured a few articles about individuals who worked with Terry Bradshaw while he was with CBS Sports.

I re-read the articles, read his autobiography and prepared a list of questions. He proved very helpful and insightful about the work of a color commentator and studio host and analyst for the NFL.

Other searches for producers and on-air talent did give me a few email addresses and telephone numbers. He proved generous with his time, providing responses to my questions but also offering stories.

Unfortunately, other well-known people I called failed to return my messages.Factors that may cause such a difference include that the supplemental BLA submission will not be sufficient to gain marketing approval in the United States or any other country that we will be required to amend our submission for marketing approval or that such submission will be refused or delayed.

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