Octapace organizational culture

Organizations can be classified in continuum from completely open to completely close. No orgn may be on the two extremes of the continuum. However, they will tend to be towards one or the other end. The degree of openness of the orgn will be an imp factor in determining the nature of the various dimensions of HRD being designed, as well as the way in which these dimensions should be introduced.

Octapace organizational culture

Understanding organizational culture helps to increase the organizational effectiveness and development. The research performed through the study is descriptive research. A total of software employees were selected for the study.

The study revealed that some of the OCTAPACE culture dimensions show value lower than the norms specified and there is variation in dimensions in the organization.

Octapace organizational culture

Collaboration and trust among employees should be cultivated among employees which is essential for every organization for its effectiveness.

Culture, Involvement, Satisfaction, Collaboration, Teamwork. It helps to develop strong corporate identity. It is a system of shared meaning. It is the set of assumptions, beliefs, values and norms that are shared by an organizat ions members. Culture comprises the symbolic side of an organization, and it shapes the human thought and behavior in the system.

The concept of organizational culture is in common use since the s. Organizational research originally focused strongly on the surveying of corporate climate, but in the s, the organizational climate concept was to a certain extent replaced by the concept of organizational culture.

According to Udai Pareek, the Culture-related concepts also can be seen as multilevel concepts. At the core first level are the values, which give a distinct identity to a group.

Organizational culture is seen as an organization specific system of widely shared values and assumptions that give rise to typical behavior patterns. Organizations as a living entities created by mankind through their artifacts and. Keywords: Organizational Culture, OCTAPACE Profile, Values, Beliefs JEL Classification Code: M 14 INTRODUCTION The ready-made garment (RMG) sector is a major engine for economic growth and poverty reduction in Bangladesh. It accounts for over three-quarters of the country’s export earnings, contributes to around ten. KEYWORDS OCTAPACE Culture, Organizational Commitment, Affective Commitment, Normative Commitment, Continuance Commitment etc. INTRODUCTION Role of organizational culture in organizational performance is gaining wide recognition across the globe especially in present volatile, uncertain, unpredictable and highly competitive .

This is the basic ethos of the group. Pareek defines ethos as Underlying spirit of character or group and is the root of culture. The second level concept is climate, which can be defined as the perceived attributes of an organization and its members, groups and issues.

The third level concept relates to atmosphere, which is the distinct factor that affects the development of someone or something.

A culture with OCTAPACE values has the greater chance of achieving high involvement and satisfaction, team work, growth and free flow of communication within the organization. Receiving feedback from customers and giving ideas and suggestions to team members.

It helps to improved implementation of systems and innovation. Taking and planning actions at immediate concerns. Develops mutual relationships, reduce reference made to senior people. Timely work ,improved communication ,resource sharing 8.

Development of new product, methods, and procedures. Culture plays an important role in every individual firm as, self-evidently, each firm has its own culture Mohe, The results suggests that the mean score of IT companies on openness, proaction, and experimentation have higher values, where as the banking sectors have high on rest of them.

It is also stated that organization within an industry has similar cultural values. A study was conducted by S. Rafai on the Need for OCTAPACE culture in tourism sector, to identify the major factor that non-promotes for organizational effectiveness among staffs and to measure the prevailing culture within the organization.

P described the initiative of successful TPM implementation in a continuous process firm and its effect on firm performance. Erakovich studied the relationship between ethical work climate and organizational culture in public organizations.Sep 17,  · Organizational Culture after studying this chapter, you should be able to.

define the common characteristics making up organizational culturecontrast strong and weak culturesidentify the functional and dysfunctional effects of organizational. Post on Nov 9 views.

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Category: Documents. 3 download. Report. Discuss an organizational culture that is admired and describe the following: a. What values does the organization share with people in general? Analysis of Organizational Culture. Add Remove. OCTAPACE - Openness-A spontaneous expression of feeling and thoughts and sharing the same without defensiveness.

organizational practices can be changed, in order to change organizational culture.

Octapace organizational culture

Schein (),described three levels of cultural phenomena in organizations like overt behaviors, values as ought behavior, and ways to cope with the surroundings. Haines () states that organizational culture is shaped by the individual beliefs and personal values which are translated collectively to the organizational culture.

The study is based on the concept of the OCTAPACE culture – an acronym for Openness, Confrontation, Trust, Authenticity, Proaction, Autonomy, Collaboration, and Experimentation. As many as 8 dimensions were taken to judge the organizational leslutinsduphoenix.com: Research Scholar at Aligarh .

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