Schools killing creativity

Hire Writer Another criticism that is leveled against education as currently set is the fact that it reduces students to robots whose primary role in life is memorizing stuff and studying for exams. The education system currently revolves around exams. Study for exams, read only materials that will be tested in the exam and pass the exam. Schools also tend to acknowledge as excellent and disciplined those people who say yes and nod to everything and brand as dissidents those who chose to question and interrogate further.

Schools killing creativity

Schools usually find it easier to teach to exam in the most direct fashion, rather than through creativiy which inherently requires chaos. This is the chaos that most schools are uncomfortable with. Unless it is a school for the very elite, the rest of the schools are more concerned with the results of the exams at the end of the day.

As it is, we struggle to finish up the syllabus. Where are we going to find time for creativity? Another stumbling block could be teacher competency. As most of us were from the system of churning out good results, we tend to teach in pretty much the same way we were taught.

How is teacher training going to deal with this gap? This is killing creativity right from the start. The true reward a student should receive for being creative is purely intrinsic.

The teacher needs to provide a friendly and comfortable environment [Not compeititive at least-this is easier said than done, given our competitive and kiasu kids] that students can feel comfortable enough to voice their opinions and explore new ideas.

The teacher should always be reinforcing to students that you value creativity, that you not only allow it but also actively engage in it. Terence on March 4, at 3: Alice on March 6, at 3: If we want to try to create or invent something new, it is without doubt that we have to learn and be prepared to take risks.

The next question is: Is creativity a skill that cannot be attained? In the past, creativity was associated with artistic ability -something that you either have born with it or not. Upon reflection, are we really far off from the modern definition given by Prof McWilliam?

Personally, I think not. In schools, we are looking at students working or collaborating with peers for project work. We have seen many schools conducting successful curriculum integration projects or action researches.

Even our TLLM Ignite projects have proved that our students are able to work across domains of knowledge which used to be viewed separately. But to teach creativity, we must understand what it is.

Therefore, creative thinking is crucial as a learning outcome.

Schools killing creativity

This changes the notion of the role we, as teachers, play in preparing our youths for the future. The BIG question is: How much is Singapore willing to give up or sacrifice to move towards this direction.

Perhaps this was productive and necessary when Singaore first gained her independence during the industrialism era.Our schools, where children develop the literacy skills on which all further learning depends, are therefore not killing creativity, but cultivating it by providing the “foundations young people need .

How Schools Are Killing Creativity I speak about education from an unflattering point of view ­­ maybe because it is destroying our fascinating, curious minds. They start by killing the creativity of the teachers, by giving out a How Do Schools Kill Creativity?

| WUNC Oct 7, Part 3 of the TED Radio Hour episode The Source of Creativity About Ken RAZ: So Ken's idea isn't that our schools lack creativity.

Schools killing creativity

It’s National School Choice Week and although this video doesn’t focus directly on the issue of school choice, it continues with our theme of challenging the status quo in public education. Do Schools Kill Creativity Essay Sample Educational systems reward the knowledgeable data seekers and penalize the creative outside-of-the-box students.

Education overall, has grown to be more about conformity than creativity. So schools rather than killing our creativity provides us a platform where we can nurture ourselves to be more creative and imaginative.

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