Union publice service comission

It was given a constitutional status with under of Constitution of India on 26 January In case the office of the Chairman becomes vacant his duties shall be performed by one of the other members of the Commission as the President may appoint for the purpose.

Union publice service comission

What PSU employees can hope for? Soaring hopes for PSU staff?

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To be headed by Ashok Kumar Mathur, a retired Supreme Court judge and retired chairman of Armed Forces Tribunal, the commission will revise the salary structure of five million central government employees, including those in defence and railways and about three million pensioners.

While the constitution of the commission promises significant increases in pay for government employees during an election year, it could significantly increase the future fiscal burden of the central and state governments.

The implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission increased salaries by The next set of recommendations is likely to be implemented from January 1, The announcement also raises Union publice service comission for tens of millions of salaried PSU employees.

Here it is pertinent to have a look at what the Sixth Pay Commission recommended for the pay hike of the PSU employees.

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It submitted its report on 24 Marchbut its recommendations were implemented retrospectively from 1 January The report led to a 6 percentage points increase in dearness allowance for central government employees from 16 percent to 22 percent. Under the Terms of Reference, the Commission had to take into account, among other factors, the prevailing pay structure and retirement benefits available under the CPSEs.

The Fourth Pay Commission was similarly required under its terms of reference to take into account the pay structure under the PSUs. Although comparison with the public sector was not part of the terms of reference of the Fifth Pay Commission, they did collect information from various PSUs for the purpose of making a fair comparison and an assessment of the general climate of wage revisions in the country.

Both the Fourth and Fifth Pay Commissions found that the public sector itself was not a homogenous unit or group for comparison of emoluments. They observed that there were several differences in terms of total benefits and emoluments of employees in the Central Government and PSUs and it was, therefore, difficult to compare the emoluments of Central Government employees and those in PSUs.

Fourth Pay Commission concluded that the pay structure of Central government employees cannot be based on a simple comparison of the pay scales of posts at the lowest level in the Public Sector Undertakings.

Commission. Commission Number; Cancel. Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services P.O. Box AGRICULTURAL OFFICER (EXTENSION) IN THE TAMIL NADU AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION SERVICE, supplemental notification noa/ DISTRIBUTION OF VACANCIES. FN&AN: 08/ CIVIL JUDGE in the tamil nadu state judicial service. CIVIL JUDGE - tamil nadu state judicial service - RULES. Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) gives advice to the state government on all matters relating to state civil services and recruitment for various posts as per requisitions of the appointing authorities.

The PSUs were created by Government for specified purposes and had adopted their own pay structure. The nature of work and conditions of service were different. The Fifth commission making similar observations in regard to the heterogeneity in the pay scales across the public sector, did not concede the principle of parity between the Government and the comparison with the public and private sector.

In the changing paradigm of a competitive environment, the Sixth Pay Commission observed that the issue of comparison with the public sector has necessarily to be examined as the PSUs needed to function in a competitive environment and have the commercial objective as the predominant objective.

Union publice service comission

A comparison of salaries between the public sector and the Government may not be appropriate as it would not be a comparison between similarly placed entities. The Sixth Pay Commission studied the mechanism by which the salaries of employees of public sector undertakings are determined and the conditions that govern them with the aim of examining if any comparison could be drawn.

The department of public enterprises DPE functions as the nodal department on the policy related to wage settlement of unionized employees, non-unionized supervisors, executives and board members.

The public enterprises are categorized in 4 schedules viz. A, B, C and D based on quantitative factors like investment, capital employed, net sales, profit before tax, number of employees, etc.OPS Cover Letter and Résumé Preparation Guide. Effective December 1, the Ontario Public Service (OPS) will request that all applications (cover letter.

Many words and phrases used in Pay administration have a special meaning in the context of personnel management in the Public Service. These are the definitions of the . This is to advise that Executive Council approved winter hours, effective October 1, ( am - pm).

As in previous years, employees will have a one-hour lunch break. Get information about the Punjab Public Service Commission. Information related to constitutional provisions, annual report, commission, secretariat of the commission, duties, etc is available.

Users can get details of the reservation category code, age relaxation code, etc. Union Public Service Commission has released the interview list for Indian Economic Service and Indian Statistical Service Examination The Interview is scheduled to be held from 12 to 15 November at AM and PM.

Official web site of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission, Itanagar - is a Constitutional body constituted with effect from 1st April under Article of the Constitution of India vide Notification OM/88 dated 29th March

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