Why you shouldnt plagiarize essay

The piracy and plagiarism is one of the unlawful acts performed by the students and even professionals writers from all over the world. These ways make it hassle-free to imitate the content. However, numerous other ways to spot the copied text have also been developed to stop people from contributing to such unethical actions.

Why you shouldnt plagiarize essay

But the stressful management of college work is what you have to learn to cope with, not cop out on. So, read on for reasons why you should think twice about plagiarizing. And afterward, read about ways to avoid plagiarism and to improve your work habits, methods of documenting your work, and links to useful additional resources online and in print.

Is the issue only "legal"? In such cases, we are talking about copyright infringement, a legal issue. The writer deserves recognition, acknowledgement. No writer is happy about someone coming along and taking credit for the work of a few minutes of copying what may have taken years and a great deal of labor to accomplish.

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While published writers will obviously feel strongly about this, many student writers—you yourself, we hope—also take enough pride in their writing to object to someone else freeloading on their work. As a university student, you are learning how to enter the conversation or collaboration that is intellectual work; your part in this "conversation" requires that you demonstrate honesty and creativity in the work you do.

And, though you may not think so now, that conversation or intellectual work continues beyond college and throughout your life as an educated person. Fair evaluation assumes a level playing field.

Plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty commits a breach of the terms of the contract, in which the student essentially profits from the university through deception. So, avoiding plagiarism—being honest with your professors, fair in competing with your classmates, accurate in your reading and interaction with other writers and their work—is an integral part of education.

The question is not so much one of being law-abiding but of being or becoming a qualified and quality person. The University itself prefers that all cases be reported and handled according to its protocol.

In general, however, no one condones it; the English Department generally enforces the policies of the University and punishes plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty cheating in exams, fabricating or falsifying research, etc. Plagiarism occurs when you do one or more of the following in a paper: You quote directly from a source without using quotation marks and adequately acknowledging the source.

Why you shouldnt plagiarize essay

You paraphrase a source without acknowledging it. You paraphrase too closely to the original substituting synonyms for some of the original wordseven if you do acknowledge the source. You fabricate a source or quotation to give the appearance of having done required research. First and foremost, make it clear that something is a direct quote: Any omissions of unnecessary material words, phrases, sentences, or punctuation must be indicated with ellipses … ; any insertion of material that is not in the original source punctuation, words, or alterations of the original words, e.

Longer quotes at least four lines in length do not require quotation marks so long as they are indented to set them off from your own writing.

Cite the source in the format required by the citation style specified by your course instructor the list of works cited and of suggested reading below are in the MLA style, frequently used in writing about literature, but other instructors or disciplines may require Chicago Style, or APA, or CBE, etc.Self Plagiarism The use of an essay written for one course to satisfy the requirements of another course is plagiarism.

Students should not use, adapt, or update an essay written for another purpose. This is not intended to discourage students from pursuing specific interests. Pott's essay and Howard and Davie's essay have a similar theme which is plagiarism in the presence of internet ; however, they vary by the way of presenting it.

Davis and howard begin their essay by showing that plagiarism is one of the problems facing our students nowadays with the presence of internet. Why You Shouldn't Eat Meat Essay Why You Shouldn't Eat Meat Hancock 1 Haley Hancock 11/22/11 J.

Adu English Why You Shouldn't Eat Meat Imagine your favorite animal. Whether it be a cow, a pig, a fish, a cat, or a dog.

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Why You Shouldn't Plagiarize Essay Examples: Good Advice. Students often have lots of homework tasks to do, including textbooks to read, science projects to complete, and several essays to write. When you realize that you do not have enough time to write a paper, you might consider using an essay example that you found on the Web.

Reasons That Show Why Is It Wrong to Plagiarize? Plagiarism can be of different kind of things i.e.

Why you shouldnt plagiarize essay

written text content, ideas, and even specific words. But why is it so important to avoid plagiarism. There are plenty of reasons that explain why is it wrong to plagiarize.

Understand and Avoid Plagiarism what it is, why it matters, ways to make your writing "original" AND ethical, your own AND in dialogue with other texts and ideas plagiarize.

Plagiarism - What it is and how to avoid it